Handicap draw

5 weighting levels

You can create up to 5 pots with a different weighting rate for each pot.

  • 25%: the probabilities are divided by 4,
  • 50%: the probabilities are divided by 2,
  • 100%: without weighting,
  • 200%: the probabilities are multiplied by 2,
  • 400%: the probabilities are multiplied by 4.
Handicap draw :
Pots is a synonym for hats or "group of different levels".
Pot A :
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Pot B :
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Lucky Draw Application, Random Generator

First draw certificate

The site offers a "first draw" certificate. This certificate proves that the draw was not started several times until a compliant result was found. You can share the url of your draw.

Unique draw proof

  • On the Internet, sweepstakes are executed in the browser, so they can be rigged easily. A video recording is not proof.,
  • If you create an account, the results are kept online for you to easily share..

Handicap draw

5/5 (2)

Give some participants more luck during your PRIZE DRAW! Create up to 5 jars with different OUTPUT PROBABILITIES. Test the result of your settings on 10,000 draws before launching your official draw. Export, sharing and proof of first draw are of course available.

Weighted draw

  • Test as many times as you want, an average given over 10,000 draws is there to help you,
  • 25% to 400% probabilities,
  • Easily download results,
  • Secure online raffle,
  • Random draw, odds-algorithm  :  draw with handicap
  • Requires HTML5 and JAVASCRIPT