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Single-elimination competition

Generate a schedule for a knockout tournament! You can designate "top seeds" who will clash in the competition’s final stages.

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Tournament draw - Tournament bracket generator

Tips for your tournament

This page allows you to construct your tournament schedule from start to finish.

Enhancing your tournament bracket

  • For the number of top-seeded players, it’s best to stick to powers of two (2, 4, 8, 16, etc.),
  • Rank your top-seeded players from strongest to weakest. That way, the two strongest players will meet in the final!.
  • Check "draw subsequent rounds" up to the final, and the entire tournament bracket will be generated..

Tournament generator

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Quickly set up the various rounds of your SINGLE-ELIMINATION TOURNAMENT! Add top-seeded players who will face off in the later stages. Update scores until the finals. Export your results in spreadsheet, text, or HTML formats, or share your tournament schedule and results online.

Tournament options

  • Check for duplicates,
  • Top-seeded players or teams,
  • Generate bracket up to the final,
  • Randomize hosting player,
  • Competition management and sports scheduling  :  Tournament management and live score updates
  • Requires HTML5 and JavaScript