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Generate a RANDOM DRAW quickly, import and export to a spreadsheet, automatic duplicate checks, many options available.

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Random Draw Application, Randomizer Generator

Undeniable chance

A simple and efficient draw. The animations are adapted according to the number of results requested.

We leave nothing to chance!

  • For a draw without creating an account, we guarantee that the computer code managing randomness is executed on YOUR machine, it is not ported to our servers.,
  • The computer code generating randomness is checked. We simulate 10 million draws on different browsers. We also offer the possibility to test on 10,000 draws..


5/5 ( 3)

With just a few clicks, launch a RANDOM NAME PICKER that adds SUSPENSE to every draw. Enjoy animations that spotlight winners, plus options to share or export results.

Options of the random draw

  • Checks for duplicates,
  • Import and export from a spreadsheet,
  • Organize your raffle,
  • Animation in the style of Wheel of Names,
  • Random draw, Wheel of names Spin algorithm  :  random draw
  • Requires HTML5 and JavaScript