Random generator

Generate DRAW quickly, easy import and export to spreadsheet, automatic duplicate check, many options available.

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Separate the choices with commas or line breaks. It is also possible to copy / paste from a spreadsheet.
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Or create suspense by discovering the result gradually then definitely in ...

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Lucky Draw Application, Random Generator

An indisputable chance

A simple and efficient draw. The animations are adapted according to the number of results requested.

Data protection

  • For a draw without creating an account, we guarantee that the computer code that manages the chance is executed on YOUR machine, it is not deported to our servers,
  • The computer code generating the chance is verified. We simulate 10 million sweepstakes on different browsers. We also offer you the possibility to test on 10,000 draws..


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DRAW simple, efficient and ad-free. Proof of the first draw can be provided. You can export or share the result on the internet. Other draws are offered by the site. We leave nothing to chance to your full satisfaction!

Random draw options

  • Check for duplicates,
  • Import and export from a spreadsheet,
  • Organize your raffle,
  • Animations according to the number of results,
  • Random draw, odds-algorithm  :  draw
  • Requires HTML5 and JAVASCRIPT