Let chance sort your list

Mix the order of your list

Easily generate a random sort, for example to define who goes first in a competition.

  • For total luck, use only one pot.
  • If you want the mix to be generated by age group, create multiple pots!
  • You can create up to 10 separate pots, participants from pot "A" will start first, then those from pot "B", then from pot "C" ...
Let chance sort your list :
Pots is a synonym for hats or "group of different levels".
Pots is a synonym for hats or "group of different levels".
Pot A :
Separate the choices with commas or line breaks. It is also possible to copy / paste from a spreadsheet.
There are missing participants to start the draw!There are too many participants to start the draw!Check the number of winners!

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Lucky Draw Application, Random Generator

Fate decides the shuffling of the list

The shuffling of a list is simplified by our algorithm, in one click your list is mixed

Random order

  • Sorting within the pots is totally random,
  • Test on 10,000 draws. The result displays the number of first places, the number of last places and the average of the positions. We use the improved "Fisher-Yates" algorithm for this draw..

Let chance sort your list

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Perform the RANDOM SORTING of a list of participants to establish starting orders in a competition or a privilege linked to this ranking created randomly. With one click, your list is mixed, you can then export it to a spreadsheet or share this random shuffle on the internet. Proof of first draw available.

Define starting positions

  • Random sorting software,
  • Special privilege, bib numbers,
  • Random start time,
  • Shuffling a list,
  • Random draw, odds-algorithm  :  random sorting/order/ranking
  • Requires HTML5 and JAVASCRIPT