Create random groups

You control chance! Would you like two participants to be distributed in two different groups? Would you like a participant to be the group leader?


  • Use multiple pots to distribute participants of different skill levels equally.
  • For example, for a mixed team, create a pot for the girls and a pot for the boys.


  • Use square brackets to indicate participants should not be together.
  • Syntax: Blaise [Pascal], Jaqueline [Pascal]


  • Use the braces to indicate which team a participant should belong to!
  • Syntax: Blaise Pascal {1}
  • Syntax: Jaqueline Pascal {1,2,3}

Too strict criteria can prevent our random generator from finding a solution.

Create random groups :
Number of teams, number of pots :
Pots is a synonym for hats or "group of different levels".
Pots :
Separate the choices with commas or line breaks. It is also possible to copy / paste from a spreadsheet.
There are missing participants to start the draw!There are too many participants to start the draw!Check the number of winners!

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How to constitute your groups?

To find a solution...

To find a solution, the application will perform successive draws until one of the draws is compatible with all the criteria.

Why these criteria?

  • The "distribute" criterion was designed to prevent members of the same family or the same department from getting together.,
  • The "Impose" criterion makes it possible to group together players from the same region, or to create group or team leaders..

Forming groups - Multicriteria

5/5 (1)

RANDOM COMPOSITION OF GROUPS or teams based on different criteria. A complete algorithm for creating groups - multiple options offered! Among which: pots for homogeneous groups, dispersal of members of the same family in different groups, impose certain groups on certain participants!

Control the probabilities

  • choose the number of teams to compose,
  • evenly distribute the levels of participants,
  • separate participants to allow better mixing,
  • assign participants to specific groups (geography, schedule, team leaders ...),
  • Random draw, odds-algorithm  :  form multi-criteria groups
  • Requires HTML5 and JAVASCRIPT